Personal Development  Coach

Coaching provides an opportunity for you to produce extraordinary results in your life, relationships, career, and business. Coaching helps you bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be. As your life coach, I will partner with you to design the life you want. We will bring out your brilliance while you gain the resources to achieve excellence in all aspects of your life's purpose.

Organizational Coach

Katara coaches organizations around creating a stronger culture for women to thrive. During the coaching process, she helps organizations see gaps for opportunities where they can improve their culture for women to grow and advance in their career. The outcome is that the organization’s culture becomes a place where women want to work, grow, and advance through new opportunities and the organization reaches its strategic goals.

Personal Development Coaching

In the first six months of personal development coaching, you can expect to gain the following results:

- Clarity in your purpose.

- Learn self-discovery.

- Professional development.

- Personal growth.

- Identify goals with an actionable plan.

- Increase productivity.

- Higher self-awareness.

- Improved quality of life.

Organizational Coaching

This engagement coaches teams for 6 months for maximum results:

- Discovery session through interviews.

-Create an overall strategic goal.

- Aligning values for measurable objectives.

- Assess the strength of team members.

- Identify obstacles or blocks of objectives.

- How to maintain momentum.

This ensures your organization is championing a culture where women thrive.


1-2 Day Workshops

 Workshops introduce you to 6 steps to  advancing women in your workplace:

- Discover opportunities for gender diversity.

- Introduce employee training methods.

- Equip leaders toward enhancing efforts.

- Agree to steps that promote fairness.

- Finding a work-life harmony for employees.

- Provide accountability and result outcomes.

*These can be a stand-alone or as part of the enterprise solution for six month engagement.

 "Katara brings an energy to her group coaching that calls forth the brilliance and power in each individual while creating a common shared experience for them. Whether it's a corporate training, retreat, speaking engagement, or long-term agreement, she brings a spirit of excellence, joy and enthusiasm that makes transformation a delight rather than a drudgery."  -Megan Gilmore, Founder and Executive Director of Lark's Song 

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